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 Paranormal Unity.... Why it can work.....

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Paranormal Unity.... Why it can work..... Empty
PostSubject: Paranormal Unity.... Why it can work.....   Paranormal Unity.... Why it can work..... Icon_minitimeSat Jan 14, 2012 3:57 pm

I want to address why i think Paranormal Unity can work and how it can change the face of paranormal research.

First of all i ever hear is that it will never happen the field will never unite.There is so much bashing of teams from one team to the next in the field and so much ego that most will never have faith in unity.But i ask you this how can this be viewed as a legit science if we cant even get along with each other.There is no team no investigator any better then the team there bashing.What is your (theory) based investigation at a higher level then the next teams? I would say no its all theory based some teams may get better results then the next team by doing things a little different and here's where the unity idea can help the science of paranormal research.Now if one teams investigation tactics bring better results and sense we are all looking for one thing the truth.Then why not share what your doing with other teams? Does it really matter who is the best or who does the best investigation? Once again i would say no....What matters in the field of Paranormal research is finding what we seek and helping others.And that takes me to my next point so many teams clam to be client based and claim that helping the client is number one.Working together as a unit in the field can help even more client by sharing ideas and tactics.This field is not about who gets more TV air time TV ratings oR who gets the best radio show or Who signs the most photos of them selves.Its about learning ,teaching,helping and finding what each person is searching for.

Networking teams

There are so many teams ,investigators, and researchers in this field if we were to unit and create a web all over the world just think what that could do for those who need our help.Say theres a team in New York that is contacted by a client thats need help ASAP but your case load is so large you can not get to them as soon as you would like.a NETWORK of teams can solve this for you and get help to those who need it by just emailing, calling, texting the closes team to the client.This is great way to expanded the ability to reach more who need us those who need what we do when everything else has failed.

Progressing the science and technology

We have so many great minds in this field by unity we can pull more of those great minds together and advance the investigation tactics advance the technology of equipment do better document possible activity .There is a saying that we all know and i truely believe it in my heart...


Changing how others see the field of Paranormal Research

By uniting we can show that we are an organized science and not just a bunch of people that run around in the dark chasing strange noises for thrills.By uniting we can show that we are serious researchers and investigators.And we deserve the same respect as any other science.

These are just a few of my thoughts i would like to see this field make a statement that we are professionals.Stand up and support Paranormal Unity progress the science create a new ERA in the field.


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The International Paranormal Project
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Paranormal Unity.... Why it can work.....
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