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 a lot of them

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PostSubject: a lot of them   a lot of them Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 12:45 am

i'm not a psychic but i'm what some call a "sensetive".
ever since i was a lil' kid there was this pic of my great grand mother in the high collar black victorian style dress w/ a cameo brooch pic in our living room that -no matter where where ya were she was looking @ you..
always scared the **** outa me from age 3-23 that i can remember & she lost a leg in later years due to diabetes.
i'd be in bed & hear a thump of a person on a crutch(btw-that crutch was in my closet in her old room) & feel a person sit on my bed @ night...

anyway my grandmother who raised me died in that house & my grandfather died while i was @ sea- we were always fishermen.
they still come to me here in kentucky- our house is dressed in nautical theme..
well all 3 of our kids ages 20,14, & 3 have all seen this old farmer/Amish man that just looks in on them in their beds...

i get it too but only when i'm watching something incredibly violent or certain documentaries about violence & Amish life- he turns off the tv.

crazy things happen around here & when they do i say to go away & it all stops.

thank god we got a good spirit.

there's a whole lot more to the story as to why they're even here but let's just say theres an open invite to that world.
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a lot of them
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