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 mudhouse mansion

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PostSubject: mudhouse mansion   mudhouse mansion Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 8:27 pm

I have been studying this mudhouse mansion for months now I took it upon myself to track down Jeanie Mast,herself. What I discovered was a kind farm lady who is very personable and will talk to almost anyone.I also came to find that THIS HOUSE IS BY NO MEANS HAUNTED. This home was built originally with mansard roof-meaning that theres no way it was built in the early 1800s!Also,slavery wasnt allowed in that part of Ohio during the time period.I saw records of the previous owners, & the home was past down from family members of Jeanie Mast's husband. She has no doubt that the building is just run down. THERES NOTHING THERE! Ive been in it myself, did AVP & night vision work, & guess what? NOTHING! Have a little respect, the Mudhouse mansion was a family home, of course Jeanie Mast wants strangers OFF HER PROPERTY!
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mudhouse mansion
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