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 My bedroom

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PostSubject: My bedroom   My bedroom Icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2009 4:13 pm

About three years ago i was laying in my bed (trying to go to sleep).I felt this overwhelming sensation that i was not alone and it felt like someone or something was 2 inches from my face stairing at me.I blew it off for a moment but that sensation got stronger and stronger.Then all my senses changed, I got this ringing in my ear and felt i was not alone. I put my head under the covers like a little boy and yelled "leave me alone"...the next thing i know the edge of my bed (at my feet) felt like someone sat down as i felt the immpression of weight there.I quickly got up and slept on the couch for about a week.I finally got the courage uo to sleep back in there thinking to myself i was probabbly being paranoid. But need less to say it happened again the same way it happened before (the feelings , bed being sat down on etc)

I slept on the couch for months until i saw my first episode of Ghost Hunters. I learned about evp's and such,so i bought a digital recorder Olympus vn-3100pc.
I also downloaded some audio software.I wanted to prove to myself that i wasnt paranoid, so i turned off all the electricity and the heater etc. I took a piece of paper and drew an outline of a pen, then i set that pen into that outline. I said out loud (time was midnight) if there is someone here besides me, i want you to prove it!

I want this pen moved,i said not just a little bit...but in a way i can see if your really here.

The next morning that pen was turned a full 3 inches clockwise!!!. I also left the recorder running that night and got some great evp's including (a man with an accent) saying ( "push it)I think he meant the pen.

And he also said "get up" or "get off"
Then i met this girl that is now my gf that just happens to be into the Paranormal as well.I told her about my room so we did an investigation in there for only 18 minutes. Well in that short time we had a spirit/s manipulate a flashlight i had and got an evp of a little girl saying "huh" clear as day after my girlfriend asking "where are you from"
There is more to this story but my hands are tired and i hate typing this much lol
neddless to say I think outside the box affraid
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My bedroom Empty
PostSubject: Re: My bedroom   My bedroom Icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2009 12:14 am

i give ya credit! after hearing about ur story on the phone i'm not so sure i want to investigate my house Smile me and them are at peace haha. but amazing story! i dream to have that experience one day. As i am a skeptic i also love hearing about experiences, i have only been in the field a few weeks and am excited to learn more about the paranormal, but personal experience is the gold mine, camera is just video but experiencing is worth more, everyone has questions to answer just like me so hopefully one day i will have stories to tell like you.
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My bedroom
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