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 A Place I Been Wanting To Go FOR Long Time.....

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Christel of NKYPS
Christel of NKYPS

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PostSubject: A Place I Been Wanting To Go FOR Long Time.....   Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:35 am

The Sallie House.... Some of you may have seen the movie on either Travel Channel, Sci-Fi or one of them stations, but another movie comes out today about it, free on myspace and also free on Robbie Thomas' website, here is link to that site http://www.robbiethomas.net/index.php and the link to the Sallie House is
http://www.thesalliehouse.com/ , I think it would be so awesome to go there, its in KS., I did have the owners contact number, I may still have it, I got it from the girl who runs their forum and has investigated there on many occasions, but she said she would not advise anyone going there, people get thrown accross the room, hurt and so forth, which makes me want to go even more lol
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A Place I Been Wanting To Go FOR Long Time.....
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